Steel Grating

How many models of electric welding grid plate are there?

Various types of steel gratings are placed on the ground.

We will introduce the models of electric welded gratings

Galvanized steel grating installation clip fixing: this The fixing method of galvanized steel grating is also very common. Generally, there are many galvanized steel gratings that are carried on mechanical equipment. The advantage of the galvanized steel grating installation clip is that it is easy to disassemble, does not require welding spots on the beam, and the galvanized layer of the galvanized steel grating will not be damaged. But each set of mounting clips doesn't come cheap either. Generally, it costs about 10 yuan per square meter to do it. However, in some special projects, it is required that there should be no solder joints on the supporting steel beams, and if the zinc layer of the galvanized steel grating cannot be damaged at all, it can only be fixed with the galvanized steel grating installation clips.

How many models of electric welding gratings are there

The first step of hot-dip galvanizing is to remove oil from the workpiece, and then pickle it. Then immerse the medicine, and put it into the molten zinc solution after drying. Cold galvanizing, also known as electro-galvanizing, is to make zinc exist on the steel grating by removing oil, pickling and then placing it in a solution of zinc salt through electrolysis equipment. The finished product in this way is that although the appearance of hot-dip galvanizing is not as delicate and bright as cold galvanizing, the zinc layer is many times thicker than that of cold galvanizing, so the anti-corrosion ability is also much stronger.

How many models are there for electric welded gratings

Light weight; its specific gravity is about 1.8, only 1 of that of steel /4, 2/3 of aluminum.

Strong bearing capacity and light weight. The unique design method of steel grating makes it have a strong bearing capacity compared with other load-bearing products, but its self-importance is much lighter than other products, so the price of steel grating is also higher than other similar products. Much cheaper.

The above is the relevant introduction about the number of electric welded gratings, I hope it will be helpful for you to buy electric welded gratings.

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