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How to hot-dip galvanize stainless steel grating

Various types of steel gratings are placed on the ground.

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This is a big misunderstanding, manual and machine are still differentiated from each other. For example, in appearance, the automatic pressure welding steel grating is more beautiful than the manual plate. In the case of firmness, the firmness of machine welding does not need to be firm by hand. In terms of bearing capacity, manual welding needs to have a punching notch on the bearing flat steel. Therefore, when the bearing load is large, or the bearing is unexpectedly increased, the advantage of manual welding to prevent potential safety hazards is highlighted, so Don't make the same mistake as hand and machine when buying. With the current technological situation, sometimes the machine is not delicate and safe.

How to hot-dip galvanize stainless steel grating

The first step of hot-dip galvanizing is to remove oil from the workpiece and then pickle it , and then soak the medicine, and put it into the molten zinc solution after drying, and it is good to know that it will be brought out within a certain time. Cold galvanizing, also known as electro-galvanizing, is to make zinc exist on the steel grating by removing oil, pickling and then placing it in a solution of zinc salt through electrolysis equipment. The finished product in this way is that although the appearance of hot-dip galvanizing is not as delicate and bright as cold galvanizing, the zinc layer is many times thicker than that of cold galvanizing, so the anti-corrosion ability is also much stronger.

How to hot-dip galvanize stainless steel grating

Point, not only can be used for a long time,

Stainless steel grating surface treatment: The surface treatment of this grating plate is mainly polished to remove the welding slag, traces and welding wires and other debris left by welding, so as to make the grid The appearance of the grid plate is more beautiful.

The above is the relevant introduction about how to hot-dip galvanize stainless steel grating, I hope it will be helpful for you to buy stainless steel grating.

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