Steel Grating

How to construct the welding grid plate

Various types of steel gratings are placed on the ground.

We will introduce how to construct the welded grating

Steel grating can also be treated by electro-galvanizing and painting , These two treatment methods have similar anti-corrosion performance. Generally, they are used in places with particularly dry air or indoors. The anti-corrosion ability is far less than that of hot-dip galvanizing treatment.

How to construct the welding grid plate

"Cold plating" is also called "electroplating", that is, the zinc The salt solution is electrolyzed to make the iron ions and zinc ions exchange and reflect. Generally speaking, no heating is required, and the amount of zinc is very small. It is easy to rust in a humid environment. But the price is cheaper than hot-dip galvanized!

How to construct the welded grid plate

Galvanized grid plate In line with the attitude of cooperation and win-win and common prosperity, and considering the needs of customers, the ditch cover factory has specialized in the production of gratings for fifteen years, and has delivered a large number of hot-dip galvanized gratings to various industries. Why do we use hot-dip galvanized gratings? Grid as a platform? Let's take a look at the hot-dip galvanized grating first. The hot-dip galvanized grating is a grid-shaped building material welded horizontally and vertically by low-carbon steel flat steel and twisted square steel. The surface is treated with special hot-dip galvanizing. Its chemical and physical properties are stable, and it is not easy to be corroded and oxidized by air and microorganisms. The hot-dip galvanized grating has strong impact resistance and strong corrosion resistance and heavy load capacity. The hot-dip galvanized grating with a flat steel spacing of 3 cm has a large impact resistance and has the characteristics of the largest spanning range. The longer its service life is, generally in the range of 40-50 years. If no destructive factors are considered involved, hot-dip galvanized grating is a very good steel frame structure and weighing platform.

T4 pedals combine the advantages of T2 pedals with bolt installation and the T3 pedals' beautiful and safe advantages. It can be installed with bolts, which is easy to disassemble and assemble; it is also welded with checkered plate corner guards. Purchasing a plug welded grille plate helps.

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